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Jaki Hypnotherapy

Empower Yourself, Create Positive Change

Below are articles in reference to Hypnosis and Medical Support Clinical Hypnotherapy:

"Hypnosis Heals"

~by Jerry Shine, November-December 2003

"Hypnosis, Memory and the Brain"

~by Amanda J. Barnier, Rochelle E. Cox, Greg Savage on October 7 2008

"Hypnosis: You are getting sleepy ... and calm, and thin, and ..."

~by Elise Oberliesen, November 29 2015

"Hypnotherapy, yoga and meditation, what’s the difference?"

~by Alice Penion, February 17 2015

"Pain-free, alternative to anesthetics?"

~by David Fenton, BBC South

"A Randomized Clinical Trial of a Brief Hypnosis Intervention to Control Side Effects in Breast Surgery Patients"

~Various Authors, July 2007

"Randomized Trial of a Hypnosis Intervention for Treatment of Hot Flashes Among Breast Cancer Survivors"

© 2008 by American Society of Clinical Oncology

Overview of Published Research To Date on Hypnosis for IBS

~By Olafur S. Palsson Psy. D., Last published March 24 2014