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Jaki Hypnotherapy

Empower Yourself, Create Positive Change

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Get Your Session

Package #2- Life Improvement & Self-Discovery (7 Sessions)

$710.00 $1,140.00

This package offers seven sessions. The first session is for 90 minutes which includes a FREE 30- minute interview regarding the intention of the package before the 60 minute session. There are five sessions for 60-minutes and two Regression Sessions for 120-minutes. Please note that the sessions for 120-minutes will be chosen based upon goals and needs. This is an excellent package for improving your life and discovering really what you need and really desire in your life.

Some areas to work on may consist of the following:


Quit Smoking

Weight Management

Surgical Preparation and/or Recovery

Life Changes

Fertility Issues

Conscious Childbirth  Preparation    

Explore Your Potential

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