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Jaki Hypnotherapy

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Get Your Session

Past Life Regression Session (120 min Session)

$130.00 $180.00

A Past Life Regression is not always evidence of a past life but just a mere symbolism used to help heal subconscious beliefs that no longer serve you. During this process, you become aware of images from other times and other places. Your subconscious mind communicates with you often through metaphors and will make you aware of certain issues through symbolic situations to assist your process on attaining your goal. When you are in a relaxed state, you actually feel the emotions in a deeper and real way and through this emotional experience created through symbolism, you are able to comprehend the lesson of your situation and receive the wisdom from it. I highly recommend that clients have at least three Hypnotherapy Sessions before doing a Regression Session.

The following are areas that can be worked on:

Life Purpose
Life Patterns
Inner Conflict
Relationship Issues
Emotional, Physical & Spiritual Issues
Unexplained Pain
An Attraction to a Person or Place
Connecting with Your Higher Self

**Please look at the Discounted Packages offered for a discount on more than one session!

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